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Custom made units – tailored quality

A suitable solution for every cleaning task

With our team of experienced and flexible employees, we are able to solve almost any challenge, no matter how complex, and implement it in a reasonable price-performance ratio:

  • from cleaning and degreasing a ballpoint pen up to 7 meter long pipes in a bundle weighing up to 3 tons;
  • from laboratory test equipment for chemical industry to engine washing systems;
  • from the smallest spring cleaning system to the continuous automatic machine for turbine components;

You can rely on the quality of our CeBeCo®-System.


Examples of our custom designs

DUWAMAT custom version
WASCHFIX custom version for agricultural equipment
TROWAMAT custom version with tilting device in blasting unit
ROWAMAT customized version RL 200 XP Q incl. pre-washing system
DUWAMAT Type K 1000 model WSST
Cleaning system for warehouse
Typ COL 45 S